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Full Gym Setup

Crossfit / FX / Powerlifting Setups

Multi-fit Setups



Dead Weights

Swift Fitness offers a range of Dumbbells, Weight Plates, Kettlebells, Barbells and Benches amongst other Dead Weights and all of these items are made with top most quality as per the International Industrial standards.


When it comes to Gym and CrossFit Accessories, you name it, we've got it !

CrossFit Equipments

Starting from kettlebells to battle ropes ; from air rowers to water rowers ; from spinners to air bikes ; from bumper plates to Plyo boxes, whatever are your CrossFit requirements, we are there to provide you a complete solution!

Cardio Machines

Our wide range of Cardio Machines covers not just the conventional Treadmills, Spinners & CrossTrainers ,but also the latest in class Curved/manual treadmills , ladder machines and what not! Contact us to know more…

Strength Machines : Thor Series

When it comes to Strength Stations, body/bio mechanics is everything!!
Here at Swift Fitness, we honour that greatly by getting all our Single, Dual and Multi-Stations load tested by the top professionals in the country itself!

Strength Machines : Predator Series

We have the means and expertise to design and produce the most apt Racks and Rigs as per the design and layout of your current and/or upcoming Fitness Centre(s).

Powerlifting Setups

Mens’ Bars, Womens’ Bars, technique Bars, Bumper Plates (Practice & Competition) , Platforms, Squat Racks, Locks, etc.
Whatever your powerlifting goals are, we are there to support you. You just focus on adding another 5-10lbs to your lift, the next time you get on the floor!

Customised Setups

Hybrid Setups, multi-fit Setups, various combinations of Gyms and CrossFit amongst other Studios.
You want to offer something different to your clients, we are just a call away.
Contact us to know more !

shawn ray's series of hardcore weights

We are officially the exclusive partners for Shawn Ray’s series of Hardcore Dumbbells and Weight Plates across India.
The entire SR series of Hardcore Equipments is tested, verified and approved by the legend himself and every product that we bring into the market has his personal approval before entering the Industry. Needless to say, that’s how high our standards of production are!

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