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The PACE ONE Air Bike is a sleek, lightweight and compact beast that is suitable for any setting and for everyone. Gym or home, beginner or advanced, PACE ONE will provide the means necessary for change and progress.


Moveable handles allow muscles in the upper body to be recruited, creating a killer functional-cardio workout. To simulate the feeling of cycling more closely, PACE ONE comes fitted with a flywheel in the front that releases air every time the user pedals the bike. Faster pedaling = more air = more resistance = higher intensity.


PACE ONE is a multi faceted tool that can be used for a variety of physical training programs, like HIIT, recovery, warm up, cardio and muscle building.

Pace One Air Bike


      A hi-tech LCD display truly makes PACE ONE a sophisticated bike. Now track your distance, choose custom intervals, and track how many calories you’ve burned.


      Weighing in at just 49 kgs, PACE ONE is almost weightless. Easily transport the beast from room to room or from one corner to another without any effort! With a LWH of 123 x 62 x 23 cm, PACE ONE is also easy to store and move around. It even has wheels for easy maneuverability All this with no compromise on quality!


      PACE ONE’s comfort is enhanced due to its adjustable (and very durable) seat. A large foam padded seat provides optimum seating comfort, and add to that multiple horizontal and vertical seat adjustments, and you’ve got the most comfortable bike ride you can imagine.


      Low impact & sturdy, PACE ONE can be used by anyone, anywhere. Whether you’re at home or in a gym, whether you’re a beginner or a pro – this machine is perfect. That’s versatility for you.


      PACE ONEs comfort is enhanced due to its adjustable (and very durable) seat. So climb on, find your perfect setting, and get going!

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